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DJ Quik - Safe & Sound (Repress) (CD)

DJ Quik - Safe & Sound (Repress) (CD)

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There's an added bonus to rap music when it's a DJ who steps to the foreground to represent, both on the mic and behind the boards. Three albums deep, DJ Quik still believes in "makin' endz," this time with SAFE + SOUND. While the West Coast dives deeper and deeper into the ocean of violent gangsta rap, Quik remains true to his past beliefs: money, women and, of course, the funk.

No, not the G-funk, but the P-funk, as the DJ proclaims in his intro, "Street Level Entrance," which accurately blends into a Quik-tempo bass line complemented by some really Quik scratches for "Get At Me." Musically, the Compton-born rapper's sound is unique and better associated with artists like Erick Sermon (the East Coast's Funk Lord) than CMW (Compton's Most Wanted). "Somethin' 4 Tha Mood" keeps the setting calm, letting Quik's laid back vocals easily ride over the smooth piano groove. Expanding the classification of his genre from just hardcore kicks and snares, DJ Quik delivers an instrumental track with "Quik's Groove III." With the title track, Quik takes you back to describe how he manages to stay "Safe + Sound" by getting paid. And among the songs which deal with the topic of women, "Diggin' U Out" and "Itz Your Fantasy" show that the subject matter can be overlooked if the tune outweighs it.

GENRE Rap / Hip Hop
LABEL:  Profile

01. Street Level Entrance
02. Get at Me
03. Diggin' U Out
04. Safe & Sound
05. Somethin' 4 Tha Mood
06. Don't You Eat It!
07. Can I Eat It?
08. Itz Your Fantasy
09. Tha Ho in You
10. Dollaz & Sense
11. Let You Havit
12. Summer Breeze
13. Quik's Groove III
14. Sucka Free
15. Keep Tha "P" In It
16. Hoorah 4 Tha Funk (Reprise)
17. Untitled Bonus Track

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DJ Quik - Safe & Sound (Repress) (CD)
DJ Quik - Safe & Sound (Repress) (CD)
DJ Quik - Safe & Sound (Repress) (CD)
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